Terms & Conditions


Who can rent a car from First?
Renter must be in possession of a valid driving license held for at least one year and a valid credit card, both approved by First.
Renters must be 21 years of age for vehicles in group A and 25 years for remaining groups.

Fuel policy
The fuel tank will be full or part-full when you pick your car up. Just replace the fuel you’ve used before you drop your car off and you’ll pay no fuel fees at all.
You might be asked to show the receipt from refueling.

Payment and cancellation 
Deposits for estimated charges are required at the beginning of rental and in case of cancellation there is no refund.

We will always do our best to give our customers what they want. During high-season and  due to delivery issues or mechanical issues we might have to replace one with another vehicle. If available we will always upgrade our customers but in rare cases we might not be able to.

Traffic fines
All fines/penalties imposed by ………

All our vehicles are insured with a third-party insurance. ……..

If the rented vehicle was damaged and there is no other party to hold accountable, the responsibility to repair the damages on the rented vehicle falls back on the renter unfortunately.
If we have the other party’s contact information, we will try to pursue them for our damages. However, this does not absolve the renter from the contractual obligation to pay for the damage.

For an additional daily fee, First will limit the renter’s liability for the repairs of damages to the rented vehicle. This is called a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). CDW means that what the renter will have to pay is limited to a maximum amount, depending on type of vehicle.
In order to be covered by CDW, vehicles has to used in accordance with all terms and conditions.

Other terms of use
Vehicle must not be used:

By any third person without first obtaining consent
To carry persons more than allowed by vehicle license
To propel/tow any vehicle, trailer or other object
In any race or contest
For any illegal purpose or commission of crime
To instruct unlicensed person in operation
To overload vehicle beyond it’s capacity
To travel outside of Mykonos, without First’s written agreement
While under the influence of alcohol or drugs
On other than paved roads
In an unsafe, reckless or negligent way
In full compliance with Greek Traffic Laws and Regulations

In any violation of the above agreement is void and vehicle will immediately be recovered without any refund.
Any insurance or CDW is cancelled and renter will be held responsible for any damage, loss or loss of use regardless of cause.