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Mini Van - Mini Bus Car Rentals Crete

If you are a group of friends or a large family and a simple 4 seater car is not enough for you, but you prefer to travel together, then the best and more economical solution is to rent a Minivan - Mini Bus

First Car Rental is offering two deferent models of minibuses, the Peugeot Expert and the Citroen Space Tourer both 9 seaters. These vans are considered passenger cars and do not require special license like a 14 seater vehicle.
All cars are new, in excellent condition and ready to transport you comfortably and safely all over Mykonos.

Take advantage of the large boot capacity, the comfortable passenger spaces while traveling with your friends or your family.

Our Minivans are available at realistic, affordable prices. No matter how big your group is, there are no big prices. All models are equipped with power steering, ABS, airbags, central locking and electric windows, seats for 9 people (accommodate 9 adults comfortably) and room for approximately five large suitcases and two items of hand luggage.

Choose and book the Minivan- Minibus of preference bellow

Citroen Space Tourer

Peugeot Expert